3 Ways to Gain More Patients

What makes a chiropractic flyer more appealing?  How can you improve your chances of gaining new patients?  There will always be a demand for health care professionals because there is always someone who needs medical assistance.  No matter the time of the year, people always want healthy bones.  Health care is always needed and being a chiropractor advertising this season, you can initiate new customers by offering a few new customer discounts to get them in the door for the first time.  Everyone wants to be in the best shape as possible and there really isn’t a bad time to offer an incentive for new customers.

As you plan your advertising campaign for the next few months, you want to step it up and increase the amount of new patients you bring in. And to do that you have to maximize your advertising efforts by interesting those new patients to make an appointment.  The initial visit is typically tough to get people in but with the right advertising efforts, you can gain 10 new patients from one advertising campaign.  And chiropractics is not something you go to just one time, it is a continuous treatment with multiple sessions.  So when your new patient is making their first appointment because of your advertising, with a health strengthening first visit, they will be a returning and loyal patient.

Now how can you increase your customer range?  Here are 3 ways to improve your chiropractic flyer and gain new customers:

1. Discount for New Patients

When you offer a discount, something even as small as a free consultation, you can gain those patients that were on the fence about seeing a chiropractor a reason to call you.  If they were thinking “oh I’m not sure if it will help”  you can easily steer those people in the right direction with an incentive.

2. Discount for Referrals

In order to get your existing patients to generate the new patients for you, a referrals incentive will attract their attention.  A small token of appreciation is more likely to gain the friends and family of patients.  And by offering referral and new patient discounts, you can kill two birds with one stone.

3. Attractive Flyer Design

When you are designing your flyer, it has to be attractive for people to want to look at it.  Include interesting pictures, valuable information, with great offers on your flyer and you will be good to go to attract people and schedule new patient appointments!


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