Maximize Visibility with Lawn Signs

How can you maximize the chances of your customers seeing your lawn care signs and want to hire you as their lawn maintenance professional?  It comes down to three things, the placement of your signs, how your message is presented, and the information you provide on the sign itself.

The placement of your signs is something that you have to research.  Which intersections get the most traffic and what roads do people walk the most?  If you want to do advertising similar to lawn signs, you have to place your signs at stoplights and around neighborhoods.  These encourage lawn owners to look at your signs when they stop at a light or take a walk through their neighborhood.

Your message needs to be short and sweet.  Keep in mind that when people are driving their attention span to anything but the road is very limited so you want to keep your informational sign short and to the point but still interesting enough to make people want to remember to call you.  The importance of keeping your message clear and visible will not only provide better advertising for you but also it makes it easy for your customers just passing by to remember you.

Use sharp graphics and text to attract new eyes.  You want to attract the eyes of new customers so that you can expand your customer range.  Making your signs very visible and interesting will be what will ultimately be your selling point and you can make your message easy to remember.  When people take walks in their neighborhood, they don’t bring a pen and paper so they won’t be able to write down your number and information right then and there – you have to make your sign unforgettable so that when they get home, they are still able to remember and give you a call.


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