Pizza Direct Mail: What Size Menu Works Best?

Pizza Direct Mail: What Size Menu Works Best?

By: Chris Barr

It’s a question that pizza operators ask all of the time, “What size menu should I mail to get the best results and keep my costs down?:

The answer is simple:
An 11×17 menu is the ideal size and format for direct mail.

Why Not 8.5×11?
When tri-folded, an 8.5×11 menu has a small 3.5″ x 8.5″ folded size …which is easy to miss. In most cases, households receive numerous letters, offers, and magazines on a daily basis that will dwarf the size of a folded 8.5×11 menu. This reduces your visibility, appeal, and ultimately, your conversion rates. While this is not the ideal-sized menu for direct mail, it still may generate a profitable ROI.

Why the 11×17 Format Dominates…
With an 11×17, the tri-folded size is at least 5″ x 11″ (for a tri-fold w/ coupon strip). This size is larger than a standard envelope, and basically “forces” the individual to handle your piece and decide “Do I want this or not?” The cover of your menu is critical here. Always include a benefit on the cover of your menu such as “Lower prices, Amazing Coupons – Look Inside!”
8.5x11 and 11x17 Menu
Even better, the new Every Door Direct Mail format requires an 11×17 menu to be a half-fold (flat) or half-fold with a coupon strip. This format increase the folded size to either 8.5×11 or 7.4×11, which is even more visible and more effective. The larger size also enables you to include beautiful food images, larger coupons, and easier-to-read font sizes. Your 11×17 menu will also stand out more when it is in the kitchen cabinet with a dozen other restaurant menus (for additional future sales).

With a turnkey design+print+mail program like the one we offer at Taradel, a few extra pennies per piece will enable you to use the 11×17 format over the 8.5×11 format, greatly enhancing your visibility, branding, and sales.

I’ve worked with hundreds of pizzerias and the average response rate (for a properly designed 11×17 menu) falls between 3% and 12.5% via direct mail. Your reputation, competition, food quality, service, offers, and even the weather can (and will) influence your ROI at the end of the day.


3 thoughts on “Pizza Direct Mail: What Size Menu Works Best?

  1. very informative,really helpful for pizza operators.It will help them to get the best results and keep costs down.

  2. EDDM has large size card mean better response: A Mailing flat is at least 6.25″x11″ or larger size which means you have plenty of room to get your message to your customer. This is over 3 times the size of a 4″x6″ postcard and costs 9 cents less.

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