Flyer Printing: What You Should Know About Using Distribution Services

So you’ve designed and printed flyers, but now what? If you didn’t opt to send your flyer through direct mail, then chances are you are going to need an effective way to distribute your advertisement to potential customers.

The problem is – if you are like most busy small business owners, finding the time and energy to properly distribute your flyers can be next to impossible. Therefore, you will more than likely need to outsource this process to a reputable distribution solution. In this article, we’ll discuss two cost-effective ways to get your new flyer out to your potential customers.

We’ve found that the best way to find cheap distribution services for flyer printing is by searching online. Typically, you will find extremely affordable deals online due to a high level of national competition. In fact, many people don’t realize that there are services that exclusively specialize in flyer printing distribution – and their prices are usually pretty affordable.

One downside to using a commercial flyer distribution company, is determining whether or not your flyers were actually distributed as promised. Unfortunately, there are many less-than-ethical distribution services that are more focused on their own profitability rather than their customer’s response rate. Therefore we always like to warn against going with a company without some form of written guarantee.

Keep in mind, many unethical distribution services will lowball a new customer on price to get them to try out the service, only to charge an arm and leg for up-sells or additional services/guarantees – sometimes making the same price as direct mail!

You can also have great luck distributing your newly printed flyers by publishing ads on local forums, classifieds and Craigslist. While there are some great deals to be had by going this route, you must be extremely careful who you deal with and on what terms. Be sure that any agreement you have is in explicit writing, and is signed by both parties.

Depending on your method of distribution (i.e. crowd hand-outs versus door-to-door), it is a good idea to “test” your distribution service by sending a friend or family member to the distribution site or including their address as a target for delivery.

Keep in mind, that with USPS’s new simplified mailing system, Taradel can now professionally design, print and deliver “Jumbo Flyers” (11”x17”, bi-folded) for as low as $0.29 per home. If you are trying to distribute more than 5,000 flyers, after you factor in all of the costs and headaches of using a distribution company, it is probably cheaper/less of a hassle to send professional looking advertisements through the USPS via targeted direct mail.

Click here to get free samples of traditional and “Jumbo” flyers we’ve printed for our customers. Sorry, U.S. residents only.


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