Top Tips for Business Flyer Printing

Flyers are surprisingly different from brochures and other forms of print advertising.

A flyer has one goal – to sell products and services while increasing visibility. Brochures tend to be informational in nature whereas flyers tend to be sales-driven marketing pieces. When you promote your company, you don’t just want individuals to look at the paper and then toss it into the circular file cabinet (trash can).

You want potential customers to notice your business and become curious about the products or services you are marketing. If you manage to appeal to a wide array of individuals, at least for an instant, then your advertisement has proved effective and should result in conversions (sales).

The best part about flyer printing? Flyers are extremely affordable even when printed in full-color on glossy paper stock. In other words, you can print beautiful color flyers for less than a nickel each (on bulk orders) while using vivid and colorful designs. Doing so provides you with the power to lure in large numbers of leads and generate cash flow quickly. Recent data shows that a full-color flyer will outperform the same flyer in black and white by more than 60% in most cases – that’s a lot of revenue.

If you have limited budget and want to save money, there are many aspects of flyer printing which can be easily done by you. You can create the design using a template and handle the copywriting on your own as well. Since hiring a professional graphic designer will prove to be more costly, search online for a great template and customize it for your own needs.

Test the flyer on your work associates and friends, get their feedback and revise your flyer several times for maximum impact. Eventually, with correct diligence and hard work, you will obtain a satisfying result. Once the design and copywriting is complete, consider flyer printing in bulk as larger quantities (5,000 or 10,000+ copies) will cut down the printing costs tremendously. Remember the rule of “the more you buy, the more you save” when it comes to print advertising.


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