Every Door Direct Mail for General Contractors

Never has direct mail been such a good deal and smart business decision for general contractors.

Many homeowners are not well-versed with the types of services typically provided by a general contractor. As a result, homeowners often rely on word of mouth or internet searches to find reliable, local, and affordable general contractors – even if you have the best quality service. It is absolutely critical to your long-term success as a contractor that you advertise locally and inform homeowners about your business.

The majority individuals think that the key function of a general contractor is to build homes and other kinds of structures, so it is vital for you to advertise your services when it comes to home improvement, kitchen remodeling, bathroom overhauls, etc.

When it comes to home improvement advertisements, there is no better way to generate leads and find lucrative contracts than with direct mail marketing. Mailing your full-color brochures or postcards (with coupons) directly to homeowners is the absolute best way to generate a fast, profitable, and dependable response in your local area.

Unfortunately, direct mail has been largely ignored by most small contractors due to the design, printing, mailing list, and postage costs associated with this type of marketing campaign.
Well, all of that is about to change – for the better!

Every Door Direct Mail is a new program launched by the United States Post Office (USPS). It is the most efficient method of advertising directly to “every door” in your target areas and the cost design, print, and mail a beautiful full-color direct mail advertisement is as low as $0.29 per home (including postage).

If your work is to construct homes, make repairs or improvements, and provide services that increase a home’s long-term value, you need to make sure that your advertisements say so. Even more important, always give your prospects a reason to call “right now” in the form of a coupon, free estimate, or free inspection.

Through the Every Door Direct Mail program, one can mail flyers or postcards directly to targeted Zip Codes, or even specific areas within Zip Codes. Contractors can literally “Point & Click” on a map of their local area using the groundbreaking online marketing tool, U-Select, developed by Taradel.com.

Remember, if your ads aren’t in homes at the right time of year, you could miss out on thousands of dollars in revenue. Don’t let your competitors dominate your local area. Take control of your business, and your marketing, with affordable, highly-effective, targeted direct mail advertising.


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