USPS Every Door Direct Mail: Affordable Access to Local Residents

Every day, people are bombarded with marketing messages, ads, and information. And as time progresses, these messages become more and more innovative. One place in particular where innovation is key is the world of print advertising.

Print is one of the oldest methods of communication and has been a staple of the advertising industry for as long as it has existed. People are constantly brainstorming new and creative ways of reaching their target audience, and one such idea is the newly launched program from the United States Postal Service called Every Door Direct Mail.

This direct mail program is considered innovative largely because of how easy it is. In fact, one barely breaks a sweat reaching potential customers using this service. The administrative overhead is extremely low and there is not even a requirement for a mailing list – how easy is that! Take restaurants for example. Advertising over a large area can often be a major expense, and households that are far away are less likely to travel far for a quick bite to eat.

On the other hand, if a restaurant specifically targets people living in prime local neighborhoods, they increase their chances of reaching people who will actually visit them and buy something.

Another component of Every Door Direct Mail that is often overlooked is the design of the advertising material. You have a huge 11” x 17” format to work with, so long as each piece is folded in half (with or without a coupon strip) to meet USPS requirements, you can deliver a “can’t miss” menu to every household, for a fraction of the normal cost.

It is quite common for people to merely glance over advertising material delivered to them, so it is pivotal that the ad stand out amongst the rest. Hiring a skilled design and marketing team is a great way to ensure that your advertising is both appealing and effective when mailed to local area residents.


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