Every Door Direct Mail: Target Your Local Area + FREE Design Sample

Have you heard about Every Door Direct Mail?
It’s the new ultra-affordable service from the USPS, that enables you to mail flats (flyers, brochures, menus) without the need for a costly mailing list. In other words, you can still target every household and business but you won’t have to dish out hundreds of dollars for a targeted list.

How Does it Work In My Area?
Any U.S. city, local neighborhood, or specified distance from your business (usually a radius around your restaurant) can easily be targeted with Every Door Direct Mail. Let’s say that you want to mail pizza coupons to every household and businesses within 2 miles of your restaurant and remove certain “undesirable areas” from your campaign. With Every Door Direct Mail, all you need to do is “point and click” where you want your coupons to deliver. That’s right, you can do this all from the comfort of your home or office computer.

How Do I Find Local Customers, Right Now?
Taradel has developed a ground-breaking new targeting tool named U-Select (you can use it right now). This powerful interactive tool is web-based and anyone can use it. Simply type in your business address and Zip Code and a “point and click” map of your surrounding areas will display. Even better, U-Select tells you how many households and businesses you have targeted with each click. So what are you waiting for?

U-Select Direct Mail Targeting Tool
Target Your Mailing Areas with U-Select


What do Every Door Direct Mail Brochure/Flyers/Menus Look Like?
When it comes to the design of your EDDM advertisements, the sky is the limit. We customize beautiful, professional-quality advertisements for your business absolutely FREE with every EDDM order. Download the example below to check out the format.

Every Door Direct Mail
Example of Every Door Direct Mail for a Pizzeria



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