Taradel at the 2011 Las Vegas Pizza Expo – Photos, Pizza Competitions, Marketing Strategies, & More!

2011 Pizza Expo, Post-Show BlogEvery year, the  International Pizza Expo brings more than 10,000 pizza professionals together in Las Vegas. The Expo features everything from new products, to educational seminars, and even culinary competitions and food preparation demonstrations. It boasts more than 1,000 exhibits and 6,000 potential buyers. For the 5th consecutive year, Taradel made the trek …and this time we took lots of pictures!

On to the show…

There were quite a few people counting down the seconds until the show officially opened its doors. It was difficult to take a picture amidst the large crowds, but this should give you and idea of the masses gathering more than an hour before doors opened.

Pre-Show Crowds
The Pre-Show Crowds

Taradel was featured in a large double-booth located in the front row at the Pizza Expo. We built an on-site marketing resource center that featured products such as pizza menu printing, graphic design, direct mail, online ordering, and even online reputation and performance tracking. We will be launching several new products and services this year designed to help you increase your sales both online and offline – stay tuned!

Taradel Pizza Expo Booth
The Taradel Booth

This year, we launched a new and ultra-affordable direct mail program (via the USPS)  for pizzerias called Every Door Direct Mail. This “all-inclusive” service enables pizza operators to design, print, and mail 11×17 menus (w/ coupons) for as little as $0.29 per home, including postage!

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Thank you to all of our existing and prospective clients who took the time to say hello. There is nothing better than meeting wonderful clients face to face after working together for months, or even years! Here are some photos from the booth featuring Taradel staff members and our wonderful customers.

Taradel's Wendy Urquhart & Jerry's Pizza Representative
Taradel's Wendy Urquhart & Jerry's Pizza Representative
Taradel's Chris Barr & Peter Caserta from Stuzzi Pizzeria Napoletana
Taradel's Chris Barr & Peter Caserta from Stuzzi Pizzeria Napoletana
Mr. Jim's Pizza
Mike & family from Mr. Jim's Pizza
Taradel CEO Jim Fitzgerald & Wendy Urquhart
Taradel CEO Jim Fitzgerald & Staff Member Wendy Urquhart
Taradel's Chris Barr & Scott Fernbach from Paulie's Pizza
Taradel's Chris Barr & Scott Fernbach from Paulie's Pizza
Taradel's Chris Barr & Rockstar Pizza
Taradel's Chris Barr & Rockstar Pizza

The Pizza Expo features all of the industry’s leading food distributors and suppliers. Among others, the show featured Stanislaus Tomato Company, Caputo Flour, and Roma. This blog is far too small too list or show them all, but here are pictures of the booths and displays from the aforementioned companies.

Stanislaus Tomatos
Stanislaus Tomatos Built an Amazing Cafe for the Expo!
Caputo Flour
Caputo Flour of Naples had a huge display. Perhaps the best flour on Earth?
Roma Introduced new products including pretzel dogs, meatball sliders, gelato desserts, and sausage & pepper sandwiches. Good stuff!

There was also a great deal of entertainment. Sega (yes the video game company) had built a virtual arcade inside the Expo featuring video games that generate solid revenue for restaurants. Here is one of the more interesting games that was featured …although (for good reason) everyone was too scared to try it!

Pull my finger? Hmmm...no thanks!

There was even a walking, talking slice of pizza ready for photo-ops. Imagine this friendly guy standing outside of your pizzeria waving to traffic …it could work!

Slice of Pizza
The walking slice of pizza ...a crowd favorite!

And now, for old times’ sake, we bring you THE NOID! Remember this guy from the 80’s? He used to be everywhere, especially during Saturday morning cartoons. At one point, he even had a video game.

PizzaExpo The Noid
Avoid The Noid!

There is also some serious business…

The culinary competitions are always a big hit at the Expo. In the end, there can be only one World’s Best Pizza Maker for each division (traditional pizza and non-traditional pizza). The contestants bring all the ingredients needed to make their best pizzas for a panel of expert judges. Each winner claims $10,000 and the prestigious title of World’s Best. Each contestant  is judged on crust, sauce, cheese, toppings, and overall taste. The non-traditional division is also judged on creativity. You’ll have to check the Pizza Expo website for the official winners, we haven’t been able to confirm who won as of yet…

Pizza Expo Competition
"The World's Best Pizza Maker" Competition

Well, that’s all folks! We hope that you enjoyed this brief recap of the Pizza Expo even though it barely scratches the surface of all there is to do and see.

The Pizza Expo is a truly unique experience that provides valuable workshops and access to top-notch products and services. Pizza operators from around the world gather to exchange ideas, make new friends,  learn about marketing, and try amazing products.

Thank you again to our amazing customers and the hundreds of visitors who stopped by to say hello.

All the best!


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