How To Use Direct Mail to Grow Your Pizza Text Message Marketing List

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Direct mail? What’s the deal?

What is the immediate response of a person when he receives a pizza menu in the mail? It’s simple, he wants to know “what’s in it for me?”

Today, pizza customers demand the “most” with the “best”. Same is true in the context of pizza marketing – how can you reach the most customers with the best return on your investment?

Direct mail pizza menus are a big hit amongst not only the young crowd but all consumers who love pizza and great deals!

How does a Direct Mail Pizza menu actually work?
When targeting a particular demographic, the population density has to be considered. Make sure that the high density areas closest to your pizza restaurant are targeted first. The approach used by most pizzerias is to do what is called a “saturation direct mail campaign” by radius around your store. In other words, target all potential customers within one or two miles of your store. Using direct mail, you can easily remove “bad areas” from your list and also add “goos areas” that maybe outside of the radius you have selected. This process is known as carrier route targeting (in other words, neighborhood targeting).

Regarding the display, make sure that the items you are promoting are popular and come with a customer discount or with “free” additional side items. For example:


Buy One Large 2-Topping Pizza
Get FREE Breadsticks!

But that’s only going to help you sell to that customer one time, right? Why settle for one sale when you can keep them coming back again, and again …and again!

The Power of Pizza Text Message Marketing
If you don’t already have a pizza text message marketing program – get one fast! According to a recent national survey, 90% of all text messages are opened! Yes, you read that correctly – 90%!

By requiring your customer to text you (using a short code), you will capture their information and opt-in the customer to receive future messages and offers. By doing so, you can sell them now and many times over in the future! Makes sense, right?



Think about it – if you direct mail pizza menus to every home, apartment, and business in your area, the potential for you to grow your text message list is huge. Make sure that you direct mail menus say something on the cover such as “Look Inside for Amazing Coupons and FREE OFFERS!”

Follow this simple marketing strategy and your pizza restaurant will give the “big chains” a run for their money …while you sit back and enjoy the new increase in cash flow. Good luck!

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