Independent Pizza Shop Increases Sales from $5,000 to $15,000 in Just 14 Days!

“Using direct mail to deliver my new menus was the smartest thing I ever did.”

– Jim M. (Owner, Poppa’s Pizza)

(Originally composed as an email sent to pizza restaurants)

I just received an email from my new friend over at Poppa’s Pizza and I had to share this story with you. Jim owns a small independent pizza shop in Ohio in a town of only 5,000 people.

Until we met, sales were typically in the $2,000 – $3,000 weekly range.

Jim told me “With sales like this, I’m getting hammered financially. We need more business and not just on weekends.”

When he called me two months ago he knew it was time to make a move. He said he needed to generate cash to stabilize the business and he needed to do it quickly.

“I can help you generate the cash you need, but you are going to have to set aside a budget for this,” I said to him. “Would you spend a few thousand dollars to become the “Go-To-Spot” for pizza in your town?”

“As long as it makes more money than it costs, I’ll do whatever it takes.” I could hear the concern in his voice but I knew that his direct mail campaign would be a smash hit.

With that attitude you’re going to do very well. Let me show you how.”

We spent several days mapping out an intricate “Menu Mailer” advertising campaign so that only the important neighborhoods and businesses within his area were targeted.

“Jim, in a couple of weeks every business and household is going to have the nicest looking pizza menu they’ve ever seen…and it will be yours.”

2 weeks later sales skyrocketed and Jim was thrilled. When I called to follow-up with him I could hear the phones ringing off the hook in the background.

He told me, “Since I mailed out these pizza menus two weeks ago my sales have increased to $15,000!”

This is a fact. If you don’t believe me, I’ll send you Jim’s phone number and email address and you can ask him yourself.

With the new direct mail strategy in place, Jim’s small pizza shop (in a town of 5,000 people) is positioned to do more than half a million dollars in annual sales for the first time ever.

But here’s my main point:

I can help you increase your sales and blow away the competition. If you want “big agency” quality results on your small budget, please call me.

I will personally help you create a no-nonsense Menu Mailer strategy that increases your sales, generates more repeat business, and improves your image. I’ve got the years of experience and the testimonials from happy clients to prove it.

Let’s work together and create something incredible. Order your full-color menu mailers online (it only takes 2 minutes) and I will personally call you to setup your mailing strategy. Together, we can target homes and businesses in your area and INCREASE YOUR SALES FAST!

Best Regards,

Chris Barr
Marketing Director
Taradel LLC
Phone: 804.364.8444
Fax: 603.452.0672

P.S. I’ll send you a free copy of Jim’s menu (the one that increased sales to $15K) …just shoot me an email or call me

P.P.S. Order 10,000 or more menu mailers and I’ll send you an extra 2,000 copies for your store (for takeout menus) – let’s get started!


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