3 Great Ways to Distribute Your Flyers

3 Great Ways to Distribute Your Flyers

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There are many great ways to distribute your flyers to the right audience and save money. You should always consider all available options in an effort to maximize performance and minimize costs. Ultimately, the cost is the least important factor so long as your flyers and distribution generate positive ROI (return on investment). In other words, if you’re making money, no matter the costs, keep doing it! Once you find a profitable flyer distribution method, you should invest in scaling up your efforts and further optimizing your message to continuously improve returns.

The three flyer distribution methods outlined below have been selected because they are effective, cheap, easy, and proven.

1. “Feet On The Ground” – Local Distribution
The number one top way to distribute your flyers is to post flyers at local schools, small businesses, and local organizations. A strong local presence is of the utmost importance for retailers or small businesses. If your local business is supported and adored by the local community, you will have a dependable cash flow and a strong basis for future growth. You can get your flyers out there by asking college or university students who are always on the look out for odd jobs to make a bit of extra cash for the weekends. There is often a job notice board to check up on so ask the school if you can place a small wanted advert there. This way you get students willing to work for a small wage handing out your printed flyers and they will spread the word to people faster than any other “street team” methodology. You will also get a young fresh image for the public to see when they hand out your flyers and advertise your promotion. You could even go one step further and respectfully request them to wear costumes that tie in to your event. This will not only mean you get your flyers distributed for dirt cheap but you also get to sit back and concentrate on other areas of your business while they do so.

2. Newspaper Inserts (Especially With Free Local Publications)
Both regional and local community newspapers are another great way to get your flyers distributed quickly and effectively. In most cases, newspaper inserts are printed as 8.5″ x 11″ flyers in full-color, on glossy paper. Call your local newspaper and ask them about advertising using this method (their internal lingo often refers to this type of marketing as “pre-prints” or “FSI’s”). Some publications may offer this service as an all-inclusive bundle for a set cost per thousand. However, many newspapers will require that you print your own newspaper inserts and have them shipped to their facility in advance. Newspapers are highly trusted sources of information and this will help you establish a credible brand. One more tip – try to focus on local publications that are delivered to every household free of charge. When calling publications, ask if they have TMC (total market coverage). This will ensure that your newspaper inserts are delivered to every local household in your target market.

3. Restaurants, Café’s, and Local Businesses
Go to all of the high-traffic local businesses in town with a bundle of flyers. Many businesses will be happy to work with you and discuss methods of mutually-beneficial advertising. For example, a pizza restaurant might be happy to stick your flyer on top of every pizza box if you help subsidize the costs of ordering their pizza boxes Ask the staff if you can leave some flyers on counter tops, tables, bulletin boards, or anywhere else that they might prefer. You may get a better response if you offer to put some coupons on your flyers which also promote their business. Because of the massive flow of people through local businesses, you’ll reach a large audience while doing little to no work. Remember, the key is to find a flyer distribution method that benefit all parties involved.

BONUS! Direct Mail Marketing (Most Popular Method)direct mail
Direct mail enables your business or organization to reach the right audience, with the right offer, at the right time. This top-performing marketing method delivers your coupons and offers directly into the hands’ of each prospective customer. With direct mail, the best prospects are “forced” to interact with your message in a meaningful way – whether they decide to make a purchase or discard the offer.

The latest research and studies prove that direct mail makes deep impression on consumers and outperforms all digital channels in terms of driving sales transactions.

Through the power of the internet, you can now build and launch highly-targeted direct mail campaigns (at affordable rates) in less than ten minutes.


5 thoughts on “3 Great Ways to Distribute Your Flyers

  1. Thanks for the information. I just started my own business, and I would like to find a good way to advertise for it. It seems like flyers would be a great way to do that. Plus, it would be very cost effective. I think I’ll look into follow your tips. I’ll also hire a special service to help me out. Do you think that would work?

  2. Other method to distribute flyer.
    1. Leave the flyer on the car windscreen wiper at the shopping parking lot.
    2. Hand over the flyer personally when commuters are leaving the train or buses.
    3. Leave the flyer inside the letter-box home apartment.

  3. Would newspaper inserts or direct mail be a better method for my pharmacy business? We are leaning towards direct mail but not sure. I’m more concerned with getting great results than saving a few pennies per flyer…

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