How to Use Flyers and Direct Mail to Boost Your Web Sales

By: Chris Barr

If you are looking for a way to boost your web traffic, conversions, and sales, you should learn how flyer printing and direct mail play a critical role in your success online. When you print flyers and mailers, you will be able to include your website and special “Online Specials” that must be redeemed with a visit to your website. Direct mail is one of the few advertising mediums that “forces”customers to interact with your piece and make a decision regarding “what to do about your company” on the mailbox

You will be able to hand out these flyers wherever you go or mail them directly into homes with ease. You can also target places or areas where there are a lot of people that would get the most out of your website. This allows you to get your website out there to people that may have never found it otherwise. Sure, it is important to have a lot of links to your site on the internet, however, it is very helpful to combine the digital and print advertising worlds in your efforts and get as many people to your site as possible. Internet ads and links are largely ignored whereas direct mail flyers and brochures get noticed and reviewed at much higher rates.

Here’s a great tip that will help boost your web traffic and sales:
Print flyers or mailers that contain the same theme, style, and overall look that the your website has. This will help customers know they are at the right website and they will feel more comfortable while they are on it.

When your visitors are comfortable, they will spend more time on your website, which ultimately converts to more sales for you. You may want to give them something for purchasing on your site. You can offer a special code on your flyer printing which will entitle them to receive a special price for entering that code when they purchase directly from your website. Be smart, target your customers effectively, and use print advertising to enhance your website traffic and conversion rates. Look at your own daily mail for inspiration and ideas of how other companies are using direct mail to promote their online sites and services.


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