Target Print and Deliver – Sell Targeted Newspaper Inserts Online

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The Target P&D Partnership is a turnkey solution that allows advertisers to place targeted print and deliver orders online directly from your website. The program condenses the entire preprint advertising process into a neatly packaged, user-friendly, and cost-effective process. Convert your daily web traffic into paying advertisers with our revolutionary new Target P&D Partnership program.

“…a home run idea for newspapers!”
– Mike Lawson, VP/Publisher
Community Newspapers of North Jersey Media Group

Key Benefits:

* Converts everyday web traffic into paying advertisers
* Fully E-Commerce Enabled – using your rates and zoning data
* Integrates seamlessly with your existing newspaper web site
* Allows advertisers to easily upload, submit, and manage their files
* Provides your sales team with daily leads and instant pricing tools
* Captures important small and medium-sized business ad revenue
* Maintains your newspaper’s “look and feel”
* Automates the entire preprint sales process – no more frustrated sales staff!
* No Setup Costs
* No Maintenance Costs
* No Training Costs
* No Hassles!

Read the NJMG Target P&D Case Study


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