Menu Mailers with Coupons Increase Sales

Once you have successfully designed and distributed your menus via direct mail, you still face the issue of getting customers to choose your takeout business over the competition. There are many ways to ensure customers choose your business the next time that they are ordering food. Here are 4 simple tips to ensure that your restaurant captures more customers through menu direct mailers.

1. Make sure you flyer design is appealing, that include pictures of the juicy and tasty food you have to offer. If customers can see the food you make with a high quality professional full colour photograph they are much more likely to consider your takeout service for their order.

2. Include coupons with the menu direct mail that offer special one time discounts to get them to try out your restaurant. If the customer likes the food they will be more likely to continue to use your restaurant in future.

3. Instead of coupons try including menu meal deals in the menu flyer design. Offer certain selections of popular items with a discounted price if purchased all together. This increases the likelihood a customer will choose you above all else because you have a discount on the food they are most likely to want to order.

4. As another alternative to coupons or even a supplement to coupons you should include a special discount for students. If you are a takeout business it is likely that the majority of your customers will be students in your local area. It is therefore necessary to ensure that they get the cheapest deals to ensure that they use your takeout ordering service. Students are mainly looking to save money and time and are noted a being the most likely individuals to order takeout at night. They will go to the cheapest place available that sells good food. To ensure they try out your restaurant food give students a special discount based on identification.

In summary, menu direct mail is only effective with the right design which entails including coupons, menu meal deals, and special discounts to ensure customers choose your menu over anyone else’s. Coupons and discounts on popular food stuffs can ensure customers will choose your restaurant when they want a particular meal because you will be able to offer the food they want at a discounted price making your takeout restaurant the cheapest one for them. Coupons are especially effective for this type of customer advertising because they do not necessarily have to be tied down to a particular product just like student discounts. If a customer sees your menu which offers a discounted price on all food stuffs in comparison to another restaurant’s menu which offers discounts on certain food stuffs they are much more likely to choose your menu if their choice of food is not part of the other restaurants discounts.


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