How to Use Lawn and Landscape Flyers to Develop A Refer-A-Friend-Program

By: Chris Barr

When you run your own business you manage bookkeeping, employee training, customer service, advertising, and just about every other imaginable aspect of your operation. But here’s the tough part, if you are like most owners in the lawn and landscape industry, you have to put in the manual labor as well! One of the biggest obstacles that small business owners are confronted with is prospecting new clients and converting leads into sales. There are a number of ways to go about marketing your services, but one method that is always effective is the Refer-A-Friend Program. lawn flyer sampleWhy not ask your current customers for referrals?

In the past, some of your customers have probably referred you to friends or acquaintances. Your work spoke for itself and those customers were probably happy to provide your name and contact information with a friend who was in need of lawn care. But consider this, provide all of your customers with incentives for referrals (neighbors, family, friends, etc) and see how quickly your accounts will multiply.

You can be creative in what that ‘incentive’ will be. It is possible that you might want to give them a discount for every friend they refer, or you might opt to give them additional services such as trimming or edging free of charge. Be as creative as you want, but the bottom line is the same, everyone likes to get something for nothing. In the eyes of your customers, referring you is easy to do, but they know the value since they purchase your services. Give your current customers a reason to refer you. The beauty is that you will be generate residual leads each and every time you get a new client because they will join the Refer-A-Friend program as well.
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The best way to accomplish this is to have flyers printed that detail your services and contact information. While it is difficult to actually put a price to your services due to variables such as the size, layout, and terrain of the grounds, you can still list the services that you have to offer. You should also include a place on the flyer for the referring customer to put their information. It is highly important that you know who to credit for the referral.

For instance, if you do make a flyer and decide to do a direct mailing to your target Zip Codes, one new customer might have friends who need lawn care or landscaping. By giving you a lead, they will be reimbursed for the referral in future services or a discounted price. There are so many ways you can go with flyers, it’s all up to you! It really is worth the small expenditure.

Not only does the Refer-A-Friend incentive program motivate your new and existing customers, but your sense of advertising acumen and beautiful flyers tells them that you are a pro. They will be proud to refer you and you will be thankful all the way to the bank.


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