Why Home Improvement Direct Mail Postcards?

home improvement postcard

Direct mail is an excellent method of communication for staying in touch with existing customers and growing your business with new customers. Direct mail postcards are an affordable, quick, and easy way to show customers that they are valued by your business.

Advertising with direct mail postcards will provide your business with economic stability and massive growth potential. A customer that feels valued and respected is much more likely to repeat their business with you in the future. Postcards highlight the benefits of your services, your quality reputation, and the competitive pricing that you offer.

We make it easier than ever before to target new customers with direct mail postcards. In most cases, home improvement businesses will want to do a “saturation mailing” – this is just a fancy term for mailing to every residence or homeowner in your area. This is the best way to “blanket” neighborhoods wthin your local area.

Here’s How It Works:
Step 1: Provide us with the Zip Codes you wish to target

Note: If you do not wish to target an entire Zip Code you can obtain the specific postal routes from your local post officedirect mailing list

Step 2: *Choose demographics that you prefer (if necessary)
Saturation Options Include: Single-Family Homes, Multi-Family Homes, Home Owners, Home Renters, Home Value, Household Income, Colleges, Businesses, PO Boxes, Seasonal Addresses, Gender, Education Level
Note: Some demographic criteria may require additional fees


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