Flyers and Coupons, Increase Your Sales Fast

by Chris Barr

Ever wonder what makes a flyer good or bad? "The response" is the answer.


Flyers are created to stir responses from potential customers, generate leads, and increase sales. They need to focused and direct to the point. They should contain ideas and concepts that call for action from the part of the reader. While appearances are important, they are not everything. Colors and artistry on the pages are useless unless paired with creative ideas and thoughts that will stir interest in the readers and generate a high response level. Simply put, the flyer must give the reader an incentive to call, visit, or purchase.


The flyer’s message must be focused on actions the you want your customers to perform after receiving the incentive. In other words, there should be concrete, and predictable actions, that customers will take after reading the flyers. Flyers are action initiators. This is an important fact to reflect on before starting the  design process.By doing so, you are likely to see a profitable ROI (return on investment) once the flyers are fielded.


Since flyers are considered direct advertising, use a concise "2 second" message to deliver to potential buyers. Don’t make your potential customers work to understand your message.


Flyer design should also be taken into good consideration, after all, customers must like what they see. It must be noted what age bracket and demographics flyers are being distributed to. This means knowing the target market in as much detail as possible. The recent train of thought is that it is far better to deliver a laser-targeted ad to a small audience then it is to deliver a general ad to a broad audience. Think of it this way, do want to waste money by sending a flyer to a home without children if you are promoting a  daycare service? Designs for the content of your flyer should be suitable for your target market and considered pleasing. 


Thinking about target markets means knowing the age of potential buyers. Products for older-aged prospects should be advertised in large easy-to-read fonts so that older people can easilyread them. Normally, the selling message should be on top, preferably on the first line tostrike the customer at first glance. Adding images should enhance the message of the advertisement and not just for aesthetic purposes. All text should be interesting so that the customers read and understand all of them. The text should be made brief and concise.


Sending out coupons on interesting flyers creates a nice "call to action" for customers. They will feel valued and important if your offer connects well with their needs. Knowing that they are given discounts for quality products is simply irresistible for them.In fact, any good flyer should contain something concrete that customers can interact with so they will take actions like "spreading the good word"or buying the products right away. Telling them that they can get rebates by using coupons in the flyers are good rewards that will prompt them to have a positive response. Customers need to be informed and given value, and this is exactly what coupons do.

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