Just What Makes Your Chiropractic Practice Unique?

By John Hayes Jr

Probably, quite a bit, because the beauty of private practice is that you tailor it to your likes, dislikes, hours, procedures, etc. Extraordinary practices communicate this to their patients and their community by effective “positioning”. But most offices never effectively communicate this, and thus they leave a tremendous marketing opportunity on the table. And I am not talking about big buck campaigns here, just simply what your staff and your patients perceive, as to why they should be in your practice and refer patients to YOU!

So, today, start to weave a common thread into staff meetings, patient newsletters (which you do every month, right?) and even your phone messages. The quickest way to do this is to make a list of what you enjoy about practice most. After all, this should be about your own fulfillment, as well as excellence in patient care.

First of all, what is your favorite case type or types? What types of conditions do you treat best, for example, and how do patients identify them. A good example here is scoliosis, asthma, or what other conditions you may excel at. Most staff is really observant about this part, and will gladly help you.

Maybe yours is a Family Practice, and your focus is Athletic Injuries or Nutrition Counseling. So, you might use a statement like “Preferred Practice of Local Athletes”, “Ask about our “Energy Boosting Programs” or “We Care for the Entire Family”.

Next, use simple tag lines, which identify what makes you unique, like “Practice dedicated to Families”, “Early Morning Convenience” or “Four nights a week ‘til 7 PM” (which is ours at HSG) in all your communications and advertising.

This simple measure will start to drive more referrals to your practice, with very little expenditure of $ or effort. Why not do it today? This is “Guerilla Marketing” at its finest.

Lastly, set up every marketing system in your practice to be congruent with this, and make sure every system is set up to be on autopilot, as part of your Perfect Practice Platform.

Dr. John Hayes Jr, is president of Perfect Practice Web, and has 26 years experience in multidisciplinary and chiropractic practice management.He may be reached through http://www.perfectpracticeweb.com or email @ [email protected] welcomes consulting, publishing and speaking inquiries at 781-659-7989.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=John_Hayes_Jr


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