Chiropractic Flyer Printing: 7 Tips You Must Know

By: Chris Barr

Many industries use flyer printing to enhance their local presence and generate new leads and new revenue. Unfortunately, not many people think about their flyer design until it is too late.

Today’s hectic society doesn’t leave much room for customers to think deeply about the services they require – for the most part they focus on turnaround and price. You can maximize your ad to play to this “customer attitude” by bringing your services to the customer in a simple format. chiropractic flyer

Instead of waiting around for customers to come to you, you can go to the customers with flyer printing and distribution. It’s easier than ever before to deliver a full color glossy flyer directly to your customer – just make sure you do so the right way.

7 tips to obtain the highest quality flyers, the lowest print rates, and the highest response rates. A “must-read” for any chiropractor!

Tip 1. Always check with your printing company what their printing regulations and guidelines are. Every printing company is different so you will need to make sure you know what their bleed size is, what resolution they need for the images and what format they need the files in.

Tip 2. Make sure you check that all images and fonts are embedded or expanded within the files. This will avoid missing images and incorrect fonts on your flyer printing job. The printing company may not have the fonts you do, so to make sure your text comes out just the way you want it, embed the font in the file or expand the appearance of your text.

Tip 3. Always check the little details on your chiropractic flyer. Spelling punctuation and grammar are vital elements of any flyer design and need to be 100% accurate to avoid giving your business a bad appearance to potential customers.

Tip 4. As a chiropractic business owner or manager, you are probably used to long and complicated words in your every day work. However, your customers are not so clued up on back problems and such. It’s a good idea to use common terminology where ever possible to make sure that your customers can understand you. Your flyer won’t appeal to someone who needs your services if they don’t realize they do.

Tip 5. Many people who suffer from back problems and other conditions that require chiropractic services often do not know that a trip to your clinic could help them. Make sure your chiropractic flyer includes information on symptoms such as headaches that many people don’t associate with back problems. This will help people to realize that they need your services.
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Tip 6. Make your flyer designs look clean, crisp and professional. People need to be able to trust that you are a professional company. They want to know you are intelligent, safe, and professional and know exactly what you are doing so that they can feel confident that you are going to give them medical benefits and not end up breaking their back. Choosing the right flyer design can make the world of difference to the way in which your customers see your company.

Tip 7. No chiropractic flyer printing project is successful without the aid of a dedicated distribution strategy. You need to ensure you utilize a variety of methods to get your business noticed. Use direct mailing and newspaper inserts as your main distribution methods. Also, try leaving bundles of leaflets in special leaflet areas such as in health shops, cafes, natural remedy shops and other medical establishments.

Further Analysis: Full Color vs. Black & White Printing
Lets take a look at the actual difference in cost. A full page flyer copied at Kinko’s that is double sided on their standard 20 lb. paper in black and white is approximately $0.15 cents a piece. If you were going to do 2,500 flyers at $0.15 cents a piece you are paying $375.00.

You can get four times as many flyers, color on both sides, on glossy paper, and pay only $0.04 cents a piece! Think about how much your advertising can make you, now ask yourself this, “can four times as many (full color!) flyers make you an extra $20.00?” The answer is obvious – you can’t afford not to print in full-color!

The most important point is that you can now print 10,000 “magazine quality” flyers in brilliant color, for less than it costs to print 2,500 in black and white locally. Color isn’t the future, it’s already here. Practice smart advertising.

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