Chiropractic Direct Mail: Using “Dinner Seminars” to Find New Patients

By: Chris Barr

Targeted marketing has become extremely popular in recent years because it is highly efficient in attracting potential patients from a specific or ‘targeted’ group of people. Instead of reaching out in the media on a national or regional level, targeted marketing either focuses on groups of people within a larger group or individuals with a group.

Direct mail is one of the most effective forms of this type of marketing scheme and it is being used successfully throughout the world to grow businesses up quickly. But direct mailings are not only utilized by businesses. In this competitive world we live in even doctors and clinics need to vie for patients as well. The form of targeted marketing that a doctor would use to find new patients is known as ‘batch targeting’ and this is where direct mail comes to the forefront.

Various groups of individuals are identified in relation to a doctor’s specialty and a mailing goes out based predetermined criteria. Many doctors are using workshops or seminars to attract new patients and currently “Dinner Seminars” are a hot item.Chiropractic offices can benefit from this type of marketing because they can utilize the banquet room where the dinner is being held to put on a presentation. Various forms of multi-media presentations are setup and the doctor has a captive ‘audience.’

Everyone likes to get something for nothing. While dinner seminars may be expensive, they are not nearly as costly as wasting advertising dollars by using ineffective mediums to get the message out. A seminar can be by invitation only and those ‘invitations’ can be direct mailed to a targeted group of individuals. Often times the banquet manager can be of assistance in identifying target groups of prospective patients.That is one of the tools of their trade.

Once the meeting location has been booked and a targeted group of individuals has been identified, the next step is to design the practice growth flyer or invitation. This is where the assistance of an experienced and reputable printer comes into play. A good printing company will know what you are looking for and they have the experience to walk you through the process of setting up the flyer. They will know what kind of copy to use that will grab the attention of potential chiropractic patients.

When investing in a dinner seminar, it is important to make sure the invitations are accepted. There will be no seminar without attendees. Again, an experienced printing company knows how to set up the flyer so that the invitation becomes almost irresistible.The printer sets up the theme in such a way as to make the invitation as enticing as possible. People who get the invitation in the mail will want to be there, if for no other reason than to get a free meal and a little socializing.

Once the printer has done his job it is up to the Chiropractor to ‘sell’ his practice at the seminar. Effective direct mail marketing can bring the potential patients in but it is up to the Chiropractic staff to convert dinners into patients.

Chris Barr is an experienced marketing professional and graduate of Christopher Newport University. Chris currently serves as Marketing Director for and may be contacted directly regarding your print advertising needs.

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