Chiropractic Direct Mail: Target Patients with the “3 Mile Rule”

By: Chris Barr

According to a recent poll, one of the things that prospective patients are looking for when choosing a chiropractor is convenience. Because of this, the “Three Mile Radius” technique is highly effective.

Before a practice can even entertain the idea of spending money on advertising, it is imperative that they identify a market that they would like to target. Running a medical, dental or chiropractic office chiropractic direct mail flyer is really no different than operating any other kind of business. In order to draw in new patients, it is important to identify which group or groups of individuals should be targeted. According to a recent poll, one of the things that patients are looking for when choosing a chiropractor, is convenience. Because of this, the “Three Mile Radius” technique is highly effective.Chiropractic Direct Mail Sample

This marketing philosophy simply states that in order to be successful a business needs to “own the 3 Mile Radius” surrounding their business. This can be accomplished in several ways but the most effective advertising to target patients within a small geographic locality is direct mail. Any good and reputable printer has the software tools available to plug in the local zip code and get a list of postal routes and addresses within any given radius. They will employ this technique often enough to have the software at their disposal.

The first thing to do, however, is to settle on a marketing strategy to bring new patients in to your Chiropractic office. Some doctors choose to offer free initial consultations while others promote an introductory discount. Others choose to utilize promotional give-a-ways while some chiropractors book Dinner Seminars. The point is that a marketing strategy is your first line of action and once that has been decided upon it is time to begin your campaign. If you aren’t able to decide where you would like to go with your advertising, your printer will be able to help you with suggestions that have worked for other clients.

Just because you are looking to target prospective customers within a three mile radius of your office does not mean that you need to choose a local printing company. Sometimes larger companies that can be found online can give you better prices with more options to choose from. Local printers are usually smaller operations that may or may not be well versed in current marketing trends and strategies. This is where a larger company has all the advantages in terms of price, direct mail services, and targeting tools.

Chiropractic direct mail for practice growth can be accomplished just as easily from a company that you’ve found online. Some printers do the mailing for you while others ship the finished product to you for distribution. A good full service printer should have the capability and manpower to set up the mailing as well as providing a flyer that gets the message across to consumers that will ‘drive’ them in to your practice.


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