Brochure Printing for the Small Business

By: Chris Barr

Brochure Printing for the Small Business
A “2 Minute” Summary of How to Save Money and Obtain the Best Print Results

Why Print Brochures? Do They Really Increase Sales?
Brochures can be found just about everywhere, advertising everything imaginable. From services and products, to destinations and events, brochures play an integral role in informing your customers. For the small business, full color brochure printing can be both an advertisement and a way to highlight the key benefits of your services. Brochures provide many businesses with huge sales boosts each year and with that in mind, it is critical that your brochures are as effective as possible.8.5x11 Trifold Brochure

Recent studies show that full color glossy brochures generate a 65%higher response rate than black and white or two color brochures. That means that if you switch from a simple brochure (printed at home or locally) to a full color glossy brochure – your sales could potentially double! Brochures generate a consistent stream of revenue for your business and “speak for you” when you aren’t there.

How Much Will Color Brochures Cost Me?
Brochures are inexpensive, easy to design, and will attract new customers to your business who are informed about your services and ready to buy. Increase your customer base and generate more sales by handing out brochures, inserting them into publications, and direct mailing them right into the hands of your customers.

You can reduce costs dramatically by printing your brochures in bulk and avoiding local “short run” print shops. Bulk printing reduces the price per piece and can save you as much as 75% right off the bat. Another great way to save money is to order in advance of when you need the brochures. Although you may want your brochures as fast as humanly possible, being prepared to wait a while can substantially reduce the shipping costs, saving you more cash. If you ever place an order for brochures and say “I need them tomorrow,” you are throwing money out of the door. Also, ensure that you use a “standard” paper that is high enough quality for your design, but not higher. Many people make the mistake of going with the highest grade or heaviest paper, but as long as the paper you choose works with your design you won’t have any problems. For starters – 60# gloss paper will provide you with a beautiful full color results. If you need paper that is more durable (perhaps for direct mail) choose 80# or higher grade paper.

Stay Focused on the Bigger Picture
It is vitally important if you opt for full color brochure printing to achieve a high response rate, which is your ultimate goal. Bear in mind that you should not compromise on the quality of your brochure design or the copy (words) that must sell your services to the potential customer. As with any other visual advertising method, hiring a professional designer will pay off in both the short and long term even though it may cost you a few dollars more in advance. When is the last you saw a “cheap” looking advertisement and bought the product? More than likely the last 10 ads that “sold you” were sharp looking and persuasive.

Before you start your new brochure advertisement ask yourself one simple question:
“What do I want my end result to look like?” Then do whatever it takes to achieve the desired result in the most cost-effective way possible.

About the Author:
Chris Barr is an experienced marketing professional and graduate of Christopher Newport University. His areas of expertise cover virtually all aspects of print advertising and internet marketing. Chris currently serves as Marketing Director for and may be contacted directly regarding your advertising needs.

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