Brochure Printing: Improve Your Customer Response Rates

By: Chris Barr

There are many ways to market your business and improve sales but few can provide for you the return on investment (ROI) that brochures can. Brochures are found everywhere; while waiting in line at the bank, pinned to bulletin boards, at restaurants and bars, literally anywhere you go they catch your attention while offering great deals and opportunities not to be missed. A well-designed brochure will catch a potential customer’s eye, inform the customer, increase their curiosity, and get taken home. But how do you ensure that your brochure makes it? The first step is to invest in a full color printing design and printing service.8.5x11 Trifold Brochure

Having your brochures designed and printed in full color ensures that the people who see it will notice it. It’s that simple. There is nothing quite as dull as an all-gray brochure, printed in black and white simply to save money. With full color printing, usually a blend of four colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK) will be used to replicate any color that can be printed (a photograph for example). This opens up a wealth of possibilities to the designer of the brochures as well as the business behind them. Many people are aware of the psychological impact of colors and yet fail to use them to their full potential. Color can be harnessed in lots of ways, whether it is used to build trust, to establish a fun and playful theme or simply to sell goods, it is a powerful tool that should never be ignored. For example, would you market pink sporting goods to a male demographic? Probably not. Although it’s important not to stereotype, many psychological and socioeconomic factors do come into play when marketing to a targeted demographic.

Brochure printing in full color will also allow you to use high quality photography which could not be reproduced in black and white or grayscale. This enables you to hire a professional photographer or even to use stock photography of real models to spice up the design. Including pictures of people will allow the reader to more easily identify with the content of the brochures and that connection can lead to business for you. Pictures make people feel comfortable with a purchase by showing them exactly what they are getting.

Full color printing doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg either. There are many online printing companies today that offer competitive deals and amazing quality. At the end of the day, the brochures will be the face of your company to prospective clients or customers and thus the quality of your business brochures will be of high importance. Paying that bit extra for full color shows that you care about your company’s image and this can only be a good thing. Recent studies conducted by a national research firm show that full-color printing generates a 60% higher response rate then simple one or two color ads. The numbers don’t lie, print in full color and you won’t regret it.

About the Author:
Chris Barr is an experienced marketing professional and graduate of Christopher Newport University. His areas of expertise cover virtually all aspects of print advertising and internet marketing. Chris currently serves as Marketing Director for and may be contacted directly regarding your advertising needs.


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