Brochure Printing: 3 Brochure Ideas For Your Small Business

By: Chris Barr

Thinking about brochure printing for your small business? You will undoubtedly be wondering about how to make them as effective as possible. You may have lots of questions such as, “why do people choose one brochure over another?”, “how can I make my brochure stand out?”, and many other questions related to the end result of generating sales.Brochure printing ideas

No worries. Follow these simple, time-tested brochure printing tips to maximize your response and connect with your customers.

Make the Brochure Interesting
Think about how many things can distract people at any given time; cellphones, television, radio, other people, relationships, work, magazine, iPods, etc …make sure that your brochure wins the competition!

This may sound obvious but many people neglect to make their brochure interesting! A boring brochure will never get taken home or see the light of day. People simply don’t pay any attention to plain white brochures with a few area of text. It’s boring and would be a chore to read. Putting in time and effort to ensure the design is appealing to your audience will pay dividends in the long run. Printing brochures in full color on quality paper will make them much more interesting to the viewer and help to grab their coveted attention. If your small business has an exciting selling point, you should make this the theme of the brochures, or at least bring attention to it.

A Picture is worth a Thousand Words

Many people know this old adage but seldom use it in practice. When designing your brochure try to bear this in mind, and if there is something you need to say that is easier said with a high quality picture, don’t use words. Your audience will probably not want to read through thousands of words to find out what they could see for themselves in a picture, and the less text you use in your brochure the better. What text there is should be short, to the point and hopefully entertaining or interesting. If you are unsure, you could always hire a copywriter or if you hire a professional design company to design your small business brochures they will probably handle this part for you. Always make sure that you also check the copy for typographical errors, bad punctuation and grammar or any other mistakes before you order the print job.

Don’t Sacrifice Quality – Brochure Printing Should Always Be Full Color

If you are worried about the cost of printing in color you may be surprised to learn that it actually isn’t much more expensive, and having your brochures printed and shipped in one bulk order rather than using several will reduce the cost further. There are many ways like this to save a bit of money on your brochures, but the one thing you should never do is settle for lower quality. Having low quality brochures printed to save on cost will only end up giving you a much lower response from potential customers. At the end of the day if your brochures look tacky, that is the image people will associate with your business. Ensuring that the brochures give the right message is just as important as any other consideration.


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