Brochure Printing: How to Find New Customers With Great Brochures

By: Chris Barr

Brochure Printing to Inform Customers and Capture New Leads

When planning a brochure printing campaign, the most important thing to remember is the purpose behind it. Many companies and individuals lose sight of their message as they design and print brochures. If you lose sight of your initial concept, you may end up with well-designed brochures that have absolutely no impact on sales.full color brochure printing

The number one reason for creating a brochure is to communicate with potential customers and answer their questions. Doing so qualifies leads and ensures that your customers are “ready to buy.” Communicating your ideas, products, locations, and values can be done easily with a well-executed brochure design.

Ensure Your Brochure is “Readable”

Any text in your brochure should be written with the target audience in mind. Information should be short and to the point, use proper grammar and punctuation, and should be in a font size that is neither too big or too small, making it easy for a potential customer to read. All the standard typographical rules apply. The text has to be interesting or exciting enough to make anyone who sees it curious as to what they can learn by reading more. It almost always pays off to hire a professional copywriter to do this part for you, as they will be able to create a compelling read and truly inform your customers.

Think Before Writing
Since a brochure is all about communication, it stands to reason that you must have something to say. Whether you are promoting a new product or a simple overview of your company, finding something to draw people in is necessary for a successful response from your brochure printing. If your business has a unique selling point (USP) that you think will draw in customers, try and use it in your brochures somehow. If the product is revolutionary in your industry – then shout about it! If you’re not excited about what you have to say, nobody else will be either. To generate new leads, you have to get customers excited about whatever it is you’re selling! Makes sense right?

Communicating with Images, Pictures, and Graphics
Alongside great copy (text), high resolution images can really help to set off a brochure’s design. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how much space you save in your brochure with each image used! Aside from the positive aesthetic impact of images, graphics can also be used to great advantage. For example, using photographs of people in your brochure makes it easier for readers to relate to you services. Another example is using location shots in a travel brochure to sell the location. Inviting readers with interesting visual cues and good use of color, whether from images or graphic design, will help to get your brochure noticed. Full color brochure design pays off over the long term as the response from your brochure will be 65% or higher (according to a recent national survey) when compared to black and white or two color printing.


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