Flyer Printing: Finding the Best Printing Company

By: Chris Barr

Success in life is often attributed to the people that you work with. The same holds true in the world of print advertising and flyer printing. In order for your marketing campaign to be a smash hit, you must learn to trust those who have experience within the field.

Why You Need a Print Advertising Resource Center – Not Just a Printer
If you are not an expert on print advertising it is highly recommended that you work with a turnkey print advertising service that can guide you through each phase of your marketing campaign. There are many benefits to working with a well-versed printer who can provide you with as little or as much help as necessary.. Whether you just want an experienced professional to speak to, or whether you need someone to design, print, and deliver your ad for you – working with a full-service print advertising service is key. There is no substitute for industry experience or customer service.

Help Your Printer – Help You

• Be aware of print schedules and deadlines that the printer must work with in order to provide you with the best service and pricing. The more pressured the pre-press or printer, the more likely it is that something will result in an error or oversight. Working against the clock means that you will be stressed too, which means you will be likely to miss something as well. Always work with the clock.

• Communicate with the personnel at the printer. A good printer will have a friendly, informative, and experienced staff that is excited about working with you and making your project a success. Be sure to clearly explain what you want, and what you expect. Provide them the opportunity to prepare themselves for your project and give them the opportunity to make sure they’re prepared to do it right. This will result in a better overall result.

• Develop consistency in your advertising by working with the same printing service. Communicate your ultimate or annual goals to the printer. Over time, your customers will grow to recognize your name and they will expect your print advertisements to arrive on a scheduled basis. Once you have attained this level of awareness in your area, your results will improve and you will be able to start advertising on a greater scale or more frequent basis. Keep your printer informed of your changing needs.

• Ask your printer if they have samples of previous work (from within your industry) that they will send you. This will not only help you get ideas for your own designs – but it will highlight previous methodologies that have been successful for other businesses.

These simple yet essential strategies may be the catalyst for your campaign’s success. Always do your research first and print last!


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