Advertising For General Contractors – Flyers and Direct Mail Are Key to Success

By: Chris Barr

There appears to be some amount of misunderstanding among the general public as to just what a general contractor is, so it is highly important to target specific markets with powerful messages when advertising your services. Since most people believe that ‘general contractors’ only build houses or other types of buildings, it is important to gear your advertising so that you targeted groups fully understand your services. Flyers and Direct Mail are the most streamlined approach for reaching any given target group with this information.home remodeling flyers

When a general contractor is in the business of building homes and other structures, advertising would need to reach individuals or businesses that are likely to need a contractor for that purpose. Many general contractors have specific flyers printed that target developers and/or investors. The direct mail approach can limit unnecessary expense while enabling the contractor to quickly gain exposure and generate leads. Flyers can be mailed to Real Estate offices to be distributed to potential home buyers who are looking to have a custom home built. Another good business to mail flyers to would be an architectural firm. The primary purpose of advertising is to get exposure but that exposure is best accomplished by making sure the advertising reaches the people who can use and purchase the services. And again, the most cost effective and streamlined method is with the use of flyers and direct mailings.

Sometimes a general contractor specializes in renovations or remodeling. Flyers and direct mail can focus in on neighborhoods or businesses that are likely to have the money for the renovations, as well as the need to contract the services. Successful contractors skillfully use flyers to highlight their expertise in certain areas and also use the “picture is worth a thousand words” approach. Glossy photo illustrations of completed projects add emphasis and lend credibility to the company. Flyers used in this respect broaden the ‘word of mouth’ technique. Photographs of real places that can be viewed by potential customers is one of the key selling points as any successful contractor will be the first to admit.

Whether a general contractor specializes in new construction, renovation, demolition or even building roads, the key to success is advertising that reaches specific groups or individuals who may be in need of those specific services. Special promotional literature in the form of home improvement flyers and direct mailing can target potential customers with information and illustrations of what is being offered.

Everything the customer may need to refer to at a later date is there in hard copy that can be referenced at a later date should the need arise. Unlike radio and television that targets too broad of a market and leaves open the possibility that your company name will be forgotten, direct mail and flyers are always on hand and can be referred to as needed. This type of advertising is less expensive because it is focused on the market being targeted and readily available when services are needed.

Chris Barr is an experienced marketing professional and graduate of Christopher Newport University. Chris currently serves as Marketing Director for and may be contacted directly regarding your print advertising needs.

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