Business Flyer Printing: The 10 Secret Words That “Make People Buy”

By: Chris Barr

There is a whole psychology behind the way consumers think and marketing phrases that affect their buying decisions. Many universities even offer marketing courses that provide insight into the reasons consumers chose one product over another and why some advertising strategies work and others are just plain ineffective. There is one common thread, however, that is proven to influence the buying decisions that consumers make and that is the effective use of “power words.” Based on market research, analysts have identified the “Top Ten Words” that have a significant influence on consumers and make them buy.

You or Your
Not only do people like to feel important, they also want to know how this particular product or service that is being advertised on your business flyer benefits them directly. Many businesses make the mistake of advertising features. Using you or your to discuss benefits is the number one power word technique according to all marketing analysts.8.5x11 Flyers Print

Twenty-first century consumers are living life in the fast lane. They find what they need literally at the speed of light (fiber optics) on the information superhighway. The average consumer has neither the time nor patience to play the waiting game and they want to know that they can get your product or service fast.

Consumers want to know that their money or investment is safe. We live in an age where there are scam artists on almost every corner and as a result they want to know that your product or service lives up to advertising promises. Highlight the fact that what you have to offer is backed by a guarantee, or it is guaranteed to provide many hours of pleasure.

Nothing motivates a buyer to act more effectively than the thought that they might miss out on a great deal. Limited can refer to either quantity or time. This offer is for a ‘limited time’ or ‘quantities are extremely limited.’

Again, life is already too complicated and consumers are just too busy to spend a great deal of time in the buying process or in learning to use a product. Use quick catchy phrases such as ‘Easy to Install’ or ‘Simple Instructions’ when referring to ease of use. In terms of payment, terms like ‘fast and easy application process’ are highly effective. Notice that this common phrase takes advantage of two of the top ten power words.

This is another term that tells consumers your business is legit. People that they may even know have provided a testimonial. A testimonial lends credibility to your business.

Any keyword that indicates the consumer will realize a significant savings is highly effective. A good portion of buyers are price oriented.

‘Free’ is even more effective than ‘discount’ or ‘sale.’ Everyone wants to get something for nothing. Even when they have to make a purchase to get another product or service for free, they jump at the opportunity to save a few bucks. This is a great power word to include on all flyer printing campaigns.

The use of the word ‘important’ is simply that – important! Whether it refers to information that needs to be conveyed or an ‘important’ notice or announcement, consumers can spot that word a mile away.

New is a highly competitive word. Consumers want the latest technology and advancements. They want the latest trends in fashion and décor and they want those ‘new’ items before their friends and neighbors beat them to the punch.

Everyone loves money! It is both a necessity and a thing to be envied. Any phrase that utilizes the word money captures their attention quite quickly. Notice that ‘money back guarantee’ makes use of two power words.

Last but not least, ‘savings’ is a great motivator. Like its sister words promotion and discount, savings provides a benefit to the consumer that can’t be ignored.

Chris Barr is a marketing professional and graduate of Christopher Newport University. His areas of expertise include direct mail, internet marketing, copy writing, SEO, and new business development. Chris currently serves as Marketing Director for Taradel LLC in Richmond, VA.

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